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Neighbors Helping Neighbors Brooklyn,NY

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 in response to Cherokeeladyaz...   Diane which state Utah, or Nevada or stay in AZ??
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 in response to Cherokeeladyaz...   

No it is for New York Brooklyn. I was looking for food bank and it said  Whitter CA but I pulled up the page and it was for this

try, .ook hanks55 here on aidpage he has email addy there email him ok!! and try 

wish I had better info....

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Pat have you found anything on something new called a "homestead act". it is something that will relocate the handicapped and low vision folks to a home that is disability friendly and near medical care as well.. Information would be great.


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Is this available in other states as well. I live on an indian reservation in AZ my husnband recently died, now i need to move some where i can have medical care since i cant get elder services out here.

I want to relocate into Utah or Nevada, any and all help is appreciated. recently won travel trailor on auction would anyone like to purchas it. I planned for it to be my permanent home for a while but dont seem to have the money now.... short $900.00 for the purchase if it. my wheel chair and i would not have to be homeless or without electric for my breathing machine and oxygen...

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